The Land of the FREE and the Brave?

Are we actually having these conversations? Race, gender, and sexual orientation are still buzz topics? You have got to be kidding me. It baffles me honestly.  It baffles me that the constitution can be interpreted by any other definition than EQUALITY. Was that not the intended purpose of America? Was this country not founded on the idea of freedom and equality?

Inscription on the Jefferson Memorial
I guess I missed the clause that said freedom of persecution and right of equality only referred to those who subscribed to a certain set of ideals. I missed that whole part of the constitution that said the government would be run by guidelines set from one preferred religion. I completely missed the announcement that Christianity (the religion based solely on love and hope-and who followed a man who hung out with lepers, prostitutes, and people of all races and religions) would be the least understanding and accepting group of all.

As a Christian myself, I do not wish for a government that gets involved with my spirituality or belief system. Why would I? Would I actually want the government to interpret my code of ethics, to decide who/how I worship, or to define my marriage? NO! Absolutely not.

For Christians who are up in arms about the government not following your belief system- Show me the scriptures where Jesus got involved in politics. Might I remind you that the Christ you follow said "Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s." When it came to government involvement, Jesus paid his taxes and thats about it. 

My morals are decided by what I choose to believe in, where I choose to put my faith. Is my marriage defined by the government contract I signed on the day of my wedding? Yeah right.

"It is only by the grace of God that two people can fully share their lives together. People are imperfect, impure, they make mistakes, with people there are no constants or absolutes. But God IS perfect and pure, He is constant love, and it is only in giving your lives to him to hold together that marriage becomes possible. The bond between a husband and wife is tied through Him. "

This is our definition of marriage. The definition Justin and I wrote to be read during our wedding ceremony. THIS is what marriage meant to us. And it is our right to decide what our marriage should look like. This isn't everyone's definition of marriage, nor do I expect it to be. That's the beauty of living in this supposed free and equal land.

I can guarantee you won't find this definition in a government document. And why should it be? That's between us. This is a belief that WE have. This is where our spiritual journey has led us to, and how cool that we get to decide that for ourselves? 

EVERYONE is entitled to a life or a relationship that is self-definitive. 

Gay marriage, a controversial topic. Really? Protesting people's right to love each other forever? That's the fight you really want to pick? Starving children, genocide, racial persecution all exist in this world. And instead of picking a fight with those evils among us, Christian society decides to fight against those who want to love. Its heartbreaking, really. 

Imagine if the tables were turned. What if I lived in a society where women weren't allowed to speak? What if I was denied rights because I am a woman. I am so blessed to live in a place where I don't have to worry about being persecuted for publishing this blog, or going to school even. What a luxury it is to live where I am granted inalienable rights. Do you know how exceptionally good that feels? To be allowed to make decisions FOR MYSELF as I SEE BEST FIT, its a feeling that is unrivaled by most others.

Why wouldn't we want every single human being to feel the comfort of acceptance? Why is it we feel the need to only accept those we agree with. When will our culture get it- people are just people. There is no difference. 

Although we may not all agree who created us, I think we can all agree that the resemblance within us, within our souls, demands equality...Across the board.

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