Everybody's Got One

There were 4 long tables, set in a square, chairs facing inward.... 

All 16 of us arrived to the room after a lunch date at Irma's Burger Shack, where we sat and giggled and ate greasy, yummy food. We had spent the lunch hour together, getting to know everyone a little better. We laughed, OH how we laughed. We talked about what we were going to wear on Sunday, and how we should do our hair. "Should I wear heels or flats? I don't want to fall on stage!"

We arrived to this room of 4 tables on a high note, with sneaking suspicions that we would be hitting an incredible array of both high and low notes in the next 2 hours ahead. We couldn't have been more right. 

The first story had us in stitches, laughing until we almost cried...The second story brought the painful lump to our throats, crying until we, well... we cried. And so on and so forth. We were up, we were down, we were in, we were out...pfffft, I've never gone so many directions in such a short period of time!

I just sat in awe of these incredible people. So ready, to be so honest. 

Hands shook, voices quivered, mine did both for sure. Even during the *happy parts. It was nerve racking, really. To share a moment in your life, a moment that means something to you, it doesn't matter where it lands on the scale of emotion, its personal, and its yours. 

That's my favorite part about this whole thing we're doing. The HONESTY. I was touched and brought to tears by every single story. The content didn't matter. Don't get me wrong, the content is great- really, really great. But the raw, honest, truth of these moments and the presentation of them, it's so pure, and its so relieving. 

I sat there, watching each woman (*ahem and the one man), who were relatively strangers a month ago, unzip themselves and lay it out on the table. I couldn't help but think to myself, "That's what you had to share? I had no idea!" We have spent the last several weeks getting to know each other, through Facebook messages and the initial meeting. We had spent the afternoon at Irma's together laughing and bonding.

"And then you just dropped that on me?" I thought. How incredible. It makes you think about everyone you know, everyone you have met. What's underneath the surface? What's inside the zipped up exterior?

Everyone has one, a story that is. 

We are not unlike any others. This Listen To Your Mother cast is consisted of everyday members of your community, we are your neighbor, your friend, your sister, your brother. 

Sure, we have been given an incredible opportunity, a platform to stand on, a podium to stand behind, and we are ready and excited to share our stories with you. 

I can only hope this opens the gate for everyone else. I hope people realize- You don't need a podium to share yourself with the world. A little bravery is all it takes. 

Be Brave, Be Honest. Tell your story. I can promise you, it feels so good.

Ann Imig- the one who started this whole thing, gives you a glimpse into what's happening. Take a second to watch this, great insight into what we're doing on Sunday.

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  1. Amy....I surely can't wait til Sunday! I am so excited to hear your story and those of the other speakers. I am now and have always been so honored to be yours and Sara's mother. My absolute greatest joy in life:)


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