Winter Wonderland

I'm going to make this post short and sweet. Yesterday we got SNOW, and quite a bit of it! Massive flakes poured down from the sky for more than 6 hours.


Its no secret that I love snow, (and everything that comes with it-- boots, scarves, and smiling faces). 

On my list of things I adore:
1. Justin
2. Snow
3. Everything Else

So it's hard for me to believe that there is anyone else in this world who could love it more. Honestly, I wasn't sure if that was possible. UNTIL NOW.

Of course it would be the 5 year-old me in dog form that loves this white stuff more than I imagined possible. Stella, one of my furry children, couldn't get enough of it. 

I hope these pictures bring you as much joy as watching her in the snow brought me.


THEN, she discovered the wonder that is 


And my absolute favorite....

 Of course we can't leave out the little one. Although, she was not hardly as amused by the snow...

I just don't know what I would do without these furballs!
Happy Wednesday everyone :)

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