MY Mr. Big

OH FRIDAY. Even though my last work day of the week is Saturday, Friday still feels happy. Maybe its a sense of accomplishment, my week is soon coming to an end. Maybe its just in the air. Whatever it is, Friday mornings are so special to me. 

I spent the first part of my morning with my sweet husband, eating breakfast, chatting over bowls of cereal, and sipping on fresh brewed Costa Rican coffee we brought home last week from our grand adventure abroad. On Fridays my work day doesn't start until 10:00, giving me TWO FULL HOURS to myself after J heads to work. Two precious hours. I would have never thought 2 hours was worthy of a celebration until I became a full time student with a full time job. Here in my current world where its hard to find even 30 free minutes, my 2 hours on Friday morning is pure bliss.

After the mister left for work I did a little homework, drank some more coffee, then dug into the long list of housework and chores. Well, what I thought was going to be a long list of chores anyway. On the contrary, I walked around our house like a lost puppy. What am I suppose to clean?

I am one lucky gal. When I married my mister, I didn't realize what a deal I was getting. He is the epitome of "the full package." Every day this week I walked through the front door from work/class (depending on the day) around 8:30 to the best feeling in the world- the smell of a HOME COOKED MEAL! Hoorah! Dinner ready, laundry done, living room swept/mopped, my oh my how much better does it get? Without a complaint, he works everyday 8:30-5:30, comes home, cleans the house, cooks the dinner, and greets me at the door with a hug and a kiss.

So here I am this morning, enjoying my Friday, catching up on the few small chores left over from the cleaning force that has taken over my home, Hurricane Justin. 

I remember my very first day of fall semester. My first day back to college as an adult. I was driving home, feeling so overwhelmed. I called J to let him know I was heading home. He asked how my day went and I told him my concerns. I was worried about my sanity, OUR sanity. We were getting married in two weeks. I told him with work, school, our furry children, housework- "I am just not going to have a social life." Justin's response: "No, you're wrong. WE just won't have a social life. We are in this together. I've got the house stuff, you focus on school. If we have time left over for a social life we'll go have some fun." Without missing a beat, and without any sense of disappointment in his voice, he promised me teamwork. And by golly he has stuck by his promise.

Here's to you J- I couldn't do this thing without you.

My attempt at baked chicken from earlier this week, just trying to be helpful.
 Apparently when you bake a plastic lid at 400 degrees for 45 minutes this is what you end up with. 
I'd say we're better off sticking with Justin's dinners.


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