While cleaning out my nightstand yesterday I found this sweet note. It was given to me several months ago before my wedding.

Be brave. 

Before I got married there was no shortage of advice coming my way. I got everything from "you should've done this sooner, your eggs are dying"...to "you're crazy to be getting married so young, back out while you still have the chance."
Of course these were the extremes. I also got so many bits of wisdom, coming from a place of love.

- "Never let the fun die."
- "Do everything together around the house, teamwork is key."
- "Always put each other first."
- "Life is hard, marriage is easy when you marry your best friend."
- "Its going to be harder than you think." (obviously the last two people weren't on the same page)

The list goes on and on... But the one that resonated with me the hardest was from Abbie and Sara. Be brave. Honestly, no one in my life has ever told me relationships require bravery. Why not? It seems most people are under the impression that when it comes to relationships, it should be comfortable.

The week before our wedding was our 5th anniversary. In honor of our last five years together I surprised Justin with a backyard full of little reminders of all of our anniversaries.

After dinner, we laid in the tent and wrote our wedding vows. As we were trying to come up with all the things we wanted to promise each other, we mulled through the LONG list of advice people had offered. BE BRAVE. We couldn't get it out of our heads. It became the theme of our promises. 

"I promise to share all my secrets with you."

"I promise to fight for our marriage when its the hardest."

What a novel idea it is to be brave in relationships. In marriages, friendships, families, how much better would they all be with a little courage? Courage to be honest when its prettier to tell a lie, courage to put your neck on the line when its safer to sit on the bench, courage to put your heart and soul into something even when it doesn't feel safe. How much more could you get out of a relationship when you push it to the next level by being brave? 

Sure, its nice to feel comfortable.

But I'm not interested in my relationships being "nice." I want something more, something real. I want to be brave.


  1. I love this. And it's so very true, especially for marriage. It's a journey together, and sometimes it isn't easy so it does take courage to fight. Thanks for sharing Amy! I'm loving your blog!! :)

    1. Thanks Lyndi! I loved your Monday morning pick me up! :)


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