The Silver Lining to Toxic Food

Well Spring Break is over. Bummer. It's back to the grind for this girl. I must say, it was awfully nice last week to be able to do HOUSEWORK! I didn't do nearly as much as I had wanted, nonetheless, I never thought I would have so much fun doing laundry and dishes! 

Work was great, somehow I ended up with a week full of lots of my favorite clients!

I even got to have a slumber party with my old roomie. Indie and I spent the day together Wednesday, just like old times. Funny movies, greasy food, even a facial piercing thrown in the mix!

Thursday night came around and J said he would take me on a date! We ended up at Pearl's Oyster Bar, one of my favorites. (Or it used to be anyway). We had more than a lovely dinner, a couple glasses of wine, the best gumbo ever (really, ever), endless conversation, and food poisoning. Yes, that's right. Food Poisoning.

It set in around 4 am. Long after my bedtime. I don't believe I've ever had food poisoning before, and I don't believe I'd ever like to have it again. 16 hours of pure misery. An $80 dinner down the toilet, literally. J left for work that morning (perfectly fine, I might add). 

This was the ONE time that he didn't eat off of my plate...I suppose he was trying to be mannerly for our date night. Usually he tries to sneak bites while I'm not looking, I don't share well. Anyhow, the ONE time he ate his OWN food, MY food is toxic. Great.

I spent the day running from laying on the couch to puking in the toilet, and occasionally just laying on the bathroom floor to avoid the long trip altogether. ABSOLUTE MISERY. The fever set in. 102. Then the chills, then the headache. UGH.

The silver lining to Friday was the realization that I am blessed with some wonderful women in my life. Their nurturing, care taking mentalities took over. Cathie brought me Pedialyte, Gerber rice cereal, and applesauce cups (which came in incredibly handy, who knew throwing up applesauce was far better than anything else!). Kelsey came by with an array of "voodoo medicine" from Whole foods, and butternut squash soup. Shortly after, I found a gift on my porch from Misti, tomato soup, saltine crackers, and a box set of Friday Night Lights. And all the day long Indira, Annika, my mother, my sister...they all put up with my constant moans and groans and did a wonderful job feeling sorry for me via texts and phone calls. 

I'll tell you what, if a girl's gotta get food poisoning, she better do it surrounded by her ladies! Otherwise, GOOD LUCK.


  1. That soup is stupidgood. TraderJoes makes everything better. And I cannot wait for you to start watching FNL. Can. Not. Wait. I'm glad you're feeling better! xoxo

  2. you are right. Stupidgood. Saved me. I also cannot wait to get into FNL, if it is even half of what Parenthood is i will love it!


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