Take a Big Whiff

Smell that? That's the smell of a fresh new....Blog Design! Yay! I've been playing around with some new layouts and backgrounds, as well as new gadgets!      ---------------------->
You can now search for old posts, view the most popular posts, and sign up to get the Babbling BOHO sent right to your email!

Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing with all this web design stuff. In fact, the last time I played around with the layout of a web page was in 8th grade. MySpace.

Ok lets be honest, it was high school. But really, who wants to admit they had a MySpace page in High School? Not this girl...

Nonetheless, here it is! Its nothing fancy, but I must say, I am awfully proud of myself. So go ahead, tell me how good it looks. (Mom, this is where you step in, you're the best at acting like everything your daughters do is positively brilliant).

Happy Wednesday!


  1. It is brilliant and so are my daughters :)

    1. Hey anonymous, are you my mother? :)

    2. My momma's name is anonymous, too! What are the odds? ;) Looks great!


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