Monday already?

I was a little excited but mostly blorft. 'Blorft' is an adjective I just made up that means 'Completely overwhelmed but proceeding as if everything is fine and reacting to the stress with the torpor of a possum.'    --Tina Fey

Monday, bloody Monday. I'm afraid I have started off my week on the wrong foot. "Blorft," if you will. There are few things I hate more than this feeling. I would even prefer sardines on my pizza or cat hair in my shower soap over being blorft.

Last week I spent hours on my Web Design homework, only for the site to crash, forcing me to start all over from a clean slate. Yesterday, I sat down to redo it, and completely underestimated the amount of time it would take. ALSO, i forgot that it was due at 8 pm. I finished at 9:30. Frick.

I volunteered to teach a color class for our two new stylists this morning. I also underestimated the amount of time color class + lunch + driving to school would take, and arrived at school just in the nick of time for the lab to be closing. The lab is where I need to be to finish the last 3 hours of video editing that needs be done by Wednesday. Double Frick. 

My first Spanish test is on Wednesday. I just took a pretest online to determine how I will do. Practically failed. Triple Frick.

Alright, that's enough with the fricks. 

Time to refocus, take a deep breath, and start over. 

I just wish I was one of those people that dealt with stress by kicking into overdrive. So. not. me. Much like Ms. Fey, the torpor of a possum could not be a better description. Except for maybe a sloth. Because sloths always look like they are smiling, its a creepy "you can't tell what I'm thinking smile," but a smile nonetheless. Yes, I think the lethargy of a sloth is a perfect description for my reaction to stress. I find whoever seems comforting nearest me, latch on, smile, and pretend like life's not happening.

I convince myself all that I need is a Steve Carrell movie, wine, my dog, and a mountain of carbohydrates to drown in. 

What I really need is a life coach and a deep breath, but I'll get to that when I decide I'm ready to actually do something about being stressed. For now, I'm just going to smile, pretend everything is fine, and continue on my way with the torpor of a possum. Sloth.

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  1. Girl. I feel ya. I don't know anything quite so stressful as doing school on top of life. If only we could express this to every student out there thinking of dropping out. Lord.


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