Cheers to the Bradshaw.

Well. Here we are. My first blog. I suppose it's high time to start striving for the ranks of all great writers and start a blog. After all, that's what got Homer and Louisa May Alcott started right? No? Well, in this day and age, I suppose its my best chance at getting anywhere in this modern technological world of journalism.

Besides, for years I watched Carrie Bradshaw spill her heart and effortless bits of wisdom into her macbook. (And I think its safe to say if Sex in the City had premiered ten years later, New York City's "It Girl" would have been a blogger.) As a young girl I watched her type away into that infamous apple laptop generating quotes and lessons I would never forget. I was jealous. So jealous.

I may not be writing Feature stories for New York Times or Vogue and I don't have thousands of dollars tied up in my wardrobe. But what I DO have is a macbook, an incredible circle of gal pals, my very own Mr. Big :), and plenty of lessons left to learn.

Life is crazy. Its stressful. Busy. Perpetual. This blog will be "where I can put all my junk" (as my dear friend Misti says). A place to release the noise from my head, the questions from my heart, and more often than not the twisted ramblings of a gypsy soul. A place where I can go to breathe and reboot.

“After all, computers crash, people die and relationships fall apart. The best we can do is breathe and reboot.”  -- Thanks Ms. Bradshaw, I'll have to remember that.