Because It's What Brings Us Together

Today is a pretty big day, November 4, 2014. It's an election day. Out of all of the days in the year, today just so happens to be one of my absolute favorites. 

Not because my intense competitive nature is dying to see who wins or loses. Not because I get a free sticker at the polls. Not because I'm ready to spend my spare time on the internet doing something other than reading about politicians and campaign spending. 

I love today, because today WE are ALL doing these things, feeling these things, anticipating these things.

At this day in age, it has become fairly common knowledge that politics is not a fair game. We're living during a time in this country where money most definitely buys happiness, (at least where corporations and politics are concerned). More money was spent on campaigns for this midterm election than on any other election in history. The internet is plastered and smeared in news articles blaming this side for that, and that side for this, not to mention the elusive sides of the story who are hiding backstage and working the politicians like puppets. 

not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does.

synonyms: insincere, dishonest, untruthful, false, deceitful, duplicitous, lying, mendacious;

For most people, "disingenuous" describes the taste left behind by American politics. Rightfully so. For me personally, I don't buy into much of the political warfare and theatrical mind games. Honestly, I think the majority of politicians deserve a Tony Award rather than an honorable title. But as odd as it may sound, even though I've quit believing in politics, I still believe in voting

Why? If I actually think the system is one big real world version of Monopoly, (where those who own the most, control the game), why even put forth the effort to vote?

Because, voting is what brings us all together, as a united front.

Even though we won't all vote the same, even though we all have different beliefs, worries, desires,  and visions, even though we argue on Facebook about the integrity of each party's politicians, VOTING is what we have in common. VOTING is what reinforces the fact that WE still care. VOTING is the thing that defines US as the public, and THEM as the representatives. VOTING binds people together as dreamers and maintains a collective hope that if we are all in this thing together we can make a change. 

So, I'm asking everyone to remember that today. When you find yourself disagreeing with someone's political stance, or when you feel like the whole thing is an impossible uphill battle, please remember that right or left, red or blue, up or down, in or out, WE the VOTERS are on the same side. 

The side that works together in maintaining hope. 
A hope that can, and will, drive change.

"Voting is the hope that sustains one generation to the next."

"When I say our votes matter, I speak not out of some mystical belief in 'the will of the people' but because elections – imperfect as they are, twisted and smattered by smears and lies and counter-lies galore, subject to distortion and manipulation – elections offer an alternative to violence, they keep us from coming apart altogether." -Bill Moyers

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