That moment when... it all comes together.

"That moment when......"

Recognize those words? I'm sure you do. Those 3 words show up on my Facebook newsfeed more often than buzzfeed quizzes. (And we all know that's A LOT).

Recently, I've read all of these statuses on my newsfeed:
"That moment when... 
everyone around me is in a relationship and I'm awkwardly sitting there like, 'I love my dog.'"

"That moment when... 
you take off your high heel shoes, and somehow it feels like that was the first breath you took today."

"That moment when... 
your new baby smiles for the first time and you forget about everything else that sucked today."

"That moment when... 
there are seven textbooks piled on your desk and you're looking at them and thinking, 'Damn that's an overwhelmingly impossible amount of reading material.' And then you receive an email from Amazon concerning the late delivery of 2 more textbooks on their way........😑"
  ^^^ That last one is MY most recent Facebook status ^^^

So you get the picture. You know exactly what I'm referring to.

This happens to be one of my favorite things about social media. I hear people say all the time that social media is ruining our ability to live in the present. That we are so focused on documenting our entire lives that we have completely forgotten how to just be present and live in the moment.

Well, maybe that's true, maybe it's not. Regardless, the silver lining is this - whether people are fully focused on living the present moment at hand or not, people are pausing life to capture that moment. Never before have we been able to actually freeze frame time to capture a moment so easily. 

To pause life around you, and take the time to share your moment, that is big. Truly, I don't care if your moment is eating a sandwich or marrying your best friend. Because really, that's the great thing about MOMENTS

Sometimes a moment is something so simple and minute. It can carry little to zero weight in the grand scheme of life. Yet, it still means something to you, even on the smallest scale. And then, there are times when one single moment has the ability to rearrange your entire life. Sometimes, if you compare one moment to months or years of life, the moment will win. SOMETIMES, one moment is the only thing you have in your life that's telling you, you're on the right path.

A moment. 

Today I had a pretty great moment. I'm not sure if its equivalent to eating a hell of a sandwich or falling in love. I'm sure I won't know the actual role this moment will play in my life for years to come. But, what I do know is that this moment made me feel like I am on the right track. And that makes it pretty important to me right now.

TODAY, my senior capstone research proposal was approved. 

On Monday of last week, (day 1 of the semester), I presented my first proposal to the professor that would be overseeing this year long project. It was rejected. Bummer. It was something I am passionate about, it was a topic I wanted to devote a year to, it was a subject that will help me tremendously in the Graduate Programs I am interested in. But it was rejected, and I had until Wednesday of this week to get a proposal approved. So, I reworked it. I changed the thesis somewhat, but I held on strong to my original topic.

And today, when I presented my second proposal, she nodded her head yes. 

That was a really, really awesome moment.  

It was one of those moments where something inside of me felt aligned. It was one of those moments that reassured me, that everything I have worked so hard for has a purpose. And sometimes, when life is swallowing you whole, you need to be able to ignore everything else around you that is present, and turn your entire focus to that one single moment... because that moment wins against everything else.

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