And exhale, its over.

I have completely ignored my space this week. And I gotta say, I really missed it. All week long something would happen and I'd think- I need to write that down!

I never wrote it down.

And now that I have finished up this whirlwind week of 4 final exams, 6 final projects, and a full work schedule, I really can't remember anything. Honestly, I didn't bury my head in the books. I didn't stay up all night studying. In fact, a handful of times J caught me outside digging in the dirt, or working on a new crafts project, and would ask- "Don't you have studying to do?"

The truth is, my brain gave up on me this week. I came to the conclusion that I had given this semester all that I really could. I had invested my brainpower into those classes to the fullest extent, and I had nothing left to give. I mean really, after 16 weeks if I don't know the information by now a few hours of studying wasn't going to help.

So instead, I worked in the front flower bed, I built a patio in the backyard, I de-weeded the entire perimeter of our property. Basically I shut my brain off and played in the dirt. It was perfect. I even spent a couple of hours one afternoon on a puppy date with Indira.

Well, it started out as a puppy date. We wanted to take the kids downtown to the Botanical Gardens dog park. But our plan was interrupted when Kid Cudi (one hot mess of an animal) decided he'd rather try to kill himself. Twice. Seriously the dog has a death wish. This kid leapt from the back of my jeep, over two seats, over Indira's head, and out the passenger window. The window of a MOVING vehicle. A couple more stunts from him and we decided dog time was over.

It was probably for the best, the result of our failed play-date was a carafe of mimosas on the patio of Sauced, and my first sunburn of the season- Huzzah!

This week held so much information- Asolid talk about my future with a professor, an enlightening presentation by a local feminist artist, a lesson in "how to build a patio"... Don't worry, I will cover them all in blogs to come.

But for now, I am going to bed, resigning from this week with a sense of accomplishment. 17 hours of classes while working full time? Check it off the list. Won't be happening again.


  1. I had one of those weeks, too. I'm so glad you survived! ;)

  2. such a relief to have it in the rear view mirror.

  3. A successful 17 hours! AND the patio looks great :) Take it from a kindred spirit who also plays in the dirt.....it is good therapy :) CONGRATULATIONS!


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