Friday Wasn't the Only "Good" Day

It's always a great weekend when the OSU crew gets involved, and this weekend was no exception. 

Callie and Chris planned a wedding that dreams are made of, and the weatherman must have gotten the memo. It was BEAUTIFUL!

Rehearsal dinner on Friday was at The Petroleum Club, suit and tie required. Justin and I love getting dressed up, (although it doesn't happen often), so this was a blast for us! The lovely meal was followed by special toasts, and later followed by an after party. Where at, you ask? Our home!

Our animals hated us for it. The chaos and commotion is not something they're used to. Regardless, I loved it! I LOVE filling our home with friends. Beer spills, muddy feet, and all, I'll take it. Eventually the crowd got too big and we walked to 51st Street Speakeasy.

A long night of drinks, laughter, dancing, and friendly faces came to an end around 3 am. 

The next day was spent with the bride and bridesmaids, bangin' out some wedding hair. Ulm's wedding was the third wedding out of this crew I have gotten to dress-up the hair for. It's so great to get to be a part of the girls' big days!

80 degrees. Partly cloudy. Light breeze. Someone upstairs granted them with the best wedding present of all, an incredibly lovely day for their outdoor ceremony. The Bride and Groom had planned ahead, and at the welcome desk was a bucket of sunglasses, (LOVED this idea).

We all sat in the botanical gardens, in our matching sunglasses and watched Callie Ulm and Chris Gruenwald become official best friends for life.

Dinner. Dancing. Drinks. Too soon, it was seemingly over. Until the new Mrs. Gruenwald had a brilliant idea. She wasn't ready for it be over any more than we were, so we took the party to the piano bar.

At 2:00 they kicked us out of the bar and it was time to call it quits. We all had to say goodbye, knowing everyone was going their separate ways the next day.

The next day was Easter.

Usually my family colors eggs, makes team tshirts, and has a gruesomely competitive backyard egg hunt. Not this year. This is the first year in awhile we didn't follow through with tradition. And everyone couldn't have cared less. INSTEAD, we got to hang out with Emma!

Ok OK. So we didn't make it to church this year. But I can't think of a better way to celebrate Christ's love and offering of a new life for each and everyone of us. I got to spend all of Easter Sunday cuddled up with the purest form of love and new life.

OHH I was a happy girl. Because J and I are the only family members who live out of town, we didn't have to share her! Everyone let us have sole possession of the sweet little nugget. I have to admit, I hogged her, but Uncle J got a fair amount of time.

I know I'm completely biased, and everyone who has a niece has a right to their own opinions, but my personal opinion is that my sister has the raddest kid on the block.

All in all, I think its fair to say that my weekend consisted of Good Friday, Good Saturday, and Good Sunday.

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